Something essential to our project, and something we care about greatly

One of our main goals for West Northants Link is to make Northamptonshire and the South Midlands a cleaner, greener region for it's residents and it's visitors. To get the UK to net-zero by 2050, it's essential investment is made in clean public transport such as electric rail.


Getting cars off the road

81% of people in the East Midlands have a car permanently available in their household and use it often, according to Statista Research Department. Out of this 81%, more than 6 billion miles were driven on Northamptonshire roads (DfT RTS.) We need to make these numbers lower, and to do that, more people could adopt rail as their primary way of travelling daily. However, the people of Northamptonshire are limited in doing that with the small number of railway stations in the county (six), and no links to their local town/village.

We can change that for West Northamptonshire residents by giving them a link to this fantastic infrastructure, and get them to use cars less often, in replacement of energy-efficient, electric transport.


How West Northants Link can help

If this line is built, less people will rely on their cars for their daily commute. I know a lot of people that live in Weedon and work in Daventry, even close family, that would be happy to give up the car in replacement for a train/BRT commute. This is also the same for people who live in Silverstone and work in Towcester, or even people who live in Leamington Spa and work in Northampton, who cannot even get there via rail without going up to Coventry and changing onto another train.


of people in the East Midlands own a car


of road was driven on in Northants in 2017

The UK's 2050 goal

If the UK wants to achieve net-zero by 2050, then they will have to make Northamptonshire an independent state, as we cannot get people out of cars without a replacement! Buses in Northamptonshire are quite bad, compared to other counties, with just the standard Stagecoach bus running. A great replacement would be sustainable and eco-friendly public transport, connecting West Northamptonshire to the rest of the county, and nationwide rail network.

Cars are admittedly bad for the environment, but unfortunately, the East Midlands and most of the North rely on them for their daily commute. The British Government can change this by investing more in transport infrastructure such as this project, to help us rely on sustainable rail instead! The entire network will run on electricity, using no diesel on the link at all!

Transport to our stations

Our vision

Although we hope we can connect every large population centre in West Northamptonshire, and more, with this idea, sometimes no doubt some people will need to drive to the nearest station to them. Here are some things we are doing to encourage sustainable transport to these stations though:

• If people can walk, bike, or scooter to the station, including hire scooters/e-bikes, please do so as an alternative to cars.
• If people do decide to take a car and it is electric, please plug in at the stations! We will be implementing Charge + Ride services at all the stations on our route, so your car can charge during your journey.
• If available in your region, and you do not own a bike/scooter, please use a bike/scooter hire on demand service, available in places such as Northampton, Kettering, and possibly Daventry in the future. It will help more than you think it will!

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