West Northants Link

Our goal is to reconnect Northampton, Banbury, and Leamington Spa with a brand new rail link.

West Northants Link is a campaign to link some of the largest villages and towns in South Northamptonshire and Daventry including Towcester, Daventry, Brackley, Weedon and more, while connecting the three large towns of Northampton, Banbury, and Leamington Spa.

West Northants Link is operated by Sustainable Transport Midlands, a Northampton-based sustainable transport campaigning group


The environment is our top priority for this scheme, with shifting people out of cars one of the main reasons for the approval of this project.

The project

An overview

West Northants Link is a proposed transport link connecting the towns of Northampton, Banbury, and Leamington Spa, via the rail-deserts such as Daventry, Brackley, Towcester, Southam, and Weedon Bec. There are 3 different concepts, all powered by a different type of rail transport. These are; heavy rail, light rail, and tram-train.
West Northants Link is vital for the future of Northamptonshire, as connecting Daventry and Towcester to the rail network should be a top priority, as they act as administrative hubs for the local area.

The environment is another big concern for the county, as most people living in Daventry and Towcester currently use cars to get around, which increases carbon emissions and pollutes Northamptonshire's air. Of course, one of the main benefits is connecting the 3 large towns of Northampton, Banbury, and Leamington Spa together, without having to make changes in London, Coventry, or Birmingham, while also avoiding the car.

Base info

Why it's needed

Northamptonshire, the three major towns, our smaller towns we aim to connect, and the rest of South Midlands need West Northants Link, and this is why.

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